10 Tips to Improve as a Designer



1. Learn Something New

Whenever I’m in a creative slump I try something new or do something completely unrelated to design. Getting your mind off things and into something new helps a lot.

2. Become a Collector

Each time you see a design that inspires you, collect it, bring it home and file it away or stick it up on your wall.

3.  Take a lot of Photos

It solves the problem of not being able to take home designs you like – Camera phones are great for this kind of thing. Just snap a photo and file it away for later.

4.  Buy Books

Having an extensive book collection is always essential to learning

5.  Create Fake Projects

Whenever you find yourself with free time, create fake projects. Create a fake brand for a company. Design a logo, stationary, brochure, website – the whole nine yards

6.  Take Classes

Many local varsities allow you to register for classes without enrolling full-time, they even have online courses.  You can never stop learning.

7. Grab a Sketchbook

A  sketchbook helps you work through ideas quickly and without limitations of design software.

8.  Read Design Related Blogs

I can’t stress enough how much information I have learned by reading other great designers blogs. The web in an invaluable resource of information – take advantage of it and actually use it!

9.  Re-do Your Old Designs

I know what it feels like to look at your early days of design and think “What was I thinking?!”, but it is important to keep that work. It will help you see if you’re moving forward and improving your skills. Instead of throwing away or deleting old projects, try reworking them.

10.  Travel

Every time I travel to another country, I come back feeling extremely inspired. Experiencing new cultures and seeing their artwork, opens your mind to a whole new world.

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