Be fearless with your content

The audience is begging for great content. There is a time and place for press releases and brochures, but there is a burning desire for more thought leadership and opinion-based pieces. The catch-22 is that many brands are fearful of lending their voice to industry topics.

Corporate vanity is a strange beast. Brands need to protect themselves – that’s non-negotiable – but is muzzling any form of opinion or knowledge-sharing the correct answer? There is a common fear that by sharing information or input on a topic, you may be inadvertently giving away business secrets and intellectual property.

Let’s look at this through a different lens. By providing comment on industry-related topics, you actually show that you’re knowledgeable and able to assist with associated matters. Suddenly, it doesn’t look so bad, right?

Finding a healthy balance between product pushing and information-sharing is difficult. There’s always the tendency to revert to the former due to the instant measurable ROI. Yet, wouldn’t becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on your target audience’s mind prove to be invaluable?

Thought leadership is the link that connects the audience with the business. It removes the imaginary-yet-still-customary barrier between both parties and allows for communication on a human level. The audience is able to associate an influential voice with the subject, while the business gains a competitive reputation as a leader.

Brands need to be more fearless with their content and take the leap. This doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind, but you should also let go of the apron strings a bit more.

If you’d like to discuss a content strategy, which includes thought leadership, get in touch with us now.

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