The Client

What The Brand Needed

When E! decided to launch its E! Africa brand locally, we delivered a multi-faceted 360 campaign to establish a loyal, local audience and build a strong South African A-Lister association. In true Hollywood fashion, the launch of E! Africa came in the form of a star-studded launch party bursting with local stars, celebrities, and fashion fit for the Oscars!



To establish E! Africa as the TV destination for African entertainment news, it was imperative to connect with a local audience through a campaign that was relevant, topical and centred around establishing an African pop culture conversation.

We first focused our energy on understanding the E! international brand inside and out, so that we would be able to confidently translate it to an African market. We spent time identifying key influencers to join the E! family and ensure that our message would be reaching our desired target audience. We dissected the E! international pages, specifically their African social media fan base, to understand what they were looking for from E! Africa and what types of content they wanted to see.

We also spoke to our local media to find out what they would want to see if they were invited to an A-list event, like those seen on E! international. Questions included: what would they expect from the event, who would they like to be engaging with, which celebrities did they really want to interview but could never get the opportunity. All this feedback was instrumental in putting together the guest list to surpass all other guest lists, as well as ensuring media buy-in.

The Results

What Happened

Through a focused communication strategy underpinned by a commitment to produce premium local content, the E! Africa channel was successfully launched. Through association with SA’s elite, achieved through aspirational content, the campaign successfully positioned the channel as the new face of African television entertainment, news and celebrity.

The channel’s viewership has grown by 80% across Africa, and serves as a platform to showcase all of Africa’s top talent in one place.Bolstered by the swath of celebrities that attended the event, the #EAfricaParty hashtag trended for eight hours during the night, despite fierce competition from the conversations generated by SONA.

The #EAfricaParty hashtag trended for eight hours
during the night, despite fierce competition from
the conversations generated by SONA.

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