The Client

What The Brand Needed

Edge Growth approached Clockwork Media to assist them in a thorough examination of brands standing within the preferential procurement and supply chain space of enterprise business in South Africa. By doing so, Clockwork Media would be able to determine the strength of the Edge Growth brand together with its weaknesses and identify opportunities for improvement and new developments.



The Edge Growth Project was initiated to define a strategy for end 2016 into 2017 with the sole purpose of lead generation. All of Edge Growth’s assets and content was looked at with lead generation in mind.

As the company operates in a niche market with unique offerings and lead generation is solely B2B, this means a naturally smaller market and more complex lead generation strategies needed to be put in place. A full brand research encompasses the following: social media platform audit, full content audit on both below and above the line content, digital audit, qualitative research, persona development and strategy development.

The brand audit assisted Edge Growth in identifying the channels and content that resonates best with personas, as well as whether there were pieces missing in terms of a current strategic direction and to help develop a strategy with set goals and KPIs in mind.

The Results

What Happened

Based on the audit, a full content, social, paid media and digital strategy was developed and presented to Edge Growth, which they have subsequently signed off.

Further, we are currently busy with an inbound marketing campaign for the brand in order to help them further attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. The content created for the campaign is based on the persona developed through the content audit and addresses the pain points highlighted, at various phases during their buyer journey (awareness, consideration and decision).

The brand audit performed assisted Edge Growth in
identifying the channels and content that resonates best with
their target market’s personas.

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