The Client

What The Brand Needed

The brief from client was to create a video encouraging people to use Greyhound as their transportation partner of choice and to highlight their South African destinations – creating a “pull through” call to action where people would be moved to use Greyhound to reach these destinations.



We conducted research amongst Greyhound users to determine demographics, psychographics, social media and marketing consumption, and current attitudes towards the company. The feedback was instrumental in creating a mobile video that resonated with the corporate identity of the company and the end user.
The result was a 1:45 video that highlighted beautiful South African destinations and the ease of the overall journey. The message focused on the freedom of exploring the country, the joy of connecting with those travelling, and that regardless of who you were and where you were going, Greyhound Citiliner would take you there.

The Results

What Happened

Making online content that drives action requires us to understand how the web makes the video viewing experience different from TV. It’s an environment with infinite choice and limited attention spans, all at the control of the user.
A good online video must consider production, content, and storytelling, and finally marketing considerations. Relying on too much detail and statistics would’ve affected the viewers’ engagement. Research showed that people relate to people (emotional connections) not numbers; stories are best told through the eyes of others. Which is why the video focused on conveying personality, emotion and motivation as findings proved this could increase interaction by up to 22.74%.

Our call to action was subtle but compelling enough to rise above the inherent YouTube promotional cues. End results showed that by sharing this video, Greyhound had 36% more clicks to site, 20% more inbound calls, and more than double time on site. Additionally, we found that 55% of people who viewed the video visited the company’s website, and 24% made a purchase due to watching.

We found that 55% of people who viewed the video visited the company’s website,
and 24% made a purchase due to watching.

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