The Client

What The Brand Needed

When it came launching LG’s latest phone, the v20, we knew that we wanted to do something imaginative and strategic enough to reach both the media and the general public. Our goal was to generate hype, anticipation and excitement, through teaser posts and mutually beneficial collaborations with influencers and key media, while at the same time educating audiences about the v20’s many impressive features.



Throughout our relationship with LG, our research has shown that consumers gravitate to products with optimised experiences. We looked extensively at competitors’ recent product drops, as well as PR and social media efforts surrounding them, to establish realistic benchmarks to work towards.

From this research, we concluded that:

  • Short lead competitions are popular with our audience
  • Media experiences = greater media coverage
  • Consumers view brands with strategic collaborations as stronger in the market
  • Messages need to be interactive and have calls-to-action

The Results

What Happened

Our media relations strategy revolved around the distribution of a desk drop to 13 key journalists. Before delivery, we crafted bespoke tweets alerting the media of the delivery. These tweets included fun GIFs and tongue-in-cheek messaging that not only peaked the interest of the journalists but also had their followers asking what was in the package.

In keeping with the personalisation aspect, the phone was hand delivered by a member of our marketing team, who was also able to provide more information on the product.

Once the positive reviews were in, it was time to start gearing up for the actual product release in November. The goal was to educate the public about the v20’s USPs and establish it as the phone to own and was achieved through targeted social media posts and a strategic video collaboration with prominent SA Instagrammer, Zeno Petersen.

All the videos performed exceptionally well, averaging 55,000 views per video. Through our PR and social media efforts, engagement levels sky-rocketed; organic engagement averaged 17,32% and AVE achieved was R 8,695,567.79, with plenty of hype around the v20 – mission accomplished.

Organic engagement averaged 17,32% and AVE achieved was
R 8,695,567.79, with plenty of hype around the v20
– mission accomplished.

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