The Client

What The Brand Needed

On Black Friday, consumers tend to be far more sales-focused than concerned with financial safety when paying. Helping consumers secure their purchases in every sense of the word became the core message of this campaign – using the Black Friday fad to drive home the important message of cyber security. Thought leadership on how to stay safe online while shopping for deals was distributed to news and broadcast media; the strategy was so successful that Mimecast’s message reached the eyes and ears of over 2 million consumers.



The phenomenon of Black Friday and its lesser-known compatriot Cyber Monday has been gaining popularity in SA. We researched the trend, uncovering a 300% increase year-on-year in Black Friday marketing among retailers from 2014 to 2015, and felt confident we’d see a similar leap in marketing and consumer interest around the big shopping event in 2016.


Our research also uncovered that no other B2B technology brands were successfully harnessing the topic or opportunity. We conducted desktop research with a few key media contacts about the types of content they would be interested in receiving around Black Friday.


Further, we engaged with social media fans via the Mimecast Facebook page to understand what their major security concerns were around Black Friday. We wanted to ensure that any message we shared on behalf of our client would be topical and relevant.

The Results

What Happened

Black Friday is essentially a 24-hour phenomenon, and we had a small window of opportunity to land the message. We created a ‘listicle’ style article that would help consumers feel more empowered and secure when taking advantage of Black Friday deals. The piece itself contained practical advice for consumers to use while online for Black Friday to ensure that their purchases and financial accounts were secured.

Several features of this campaign were critical to its success. They were:

  • Identifying the right opportunity: Black Friday was the ideal vehicle for Mimecast’s message.
  • Timing: Mimecast’s feature article spoke to consumers just as they were poised to make online purchases, ensuring maximum relevance.
  • Consumers view brands with strategic collaborations as stronger in the market
  • Format and content: The research we conducted to find out which format would be most appealing to the audience (short tips), and what their online security concerns were, allowed us to create content that had maximum engagement.

Timing: Mimecast’s feature article spoke to consumers
just as they were poised to make online purchases,
ensuring maximum relevance.

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