AlwaysOn Video Series

AlwaysOn Video Series

AlwaysOn provides thousands of wifi hotspots throughout South Africa – giving travellers, students and shoppers access to fast reliable Internet wherever they go.


AlwaysOn’s offering is technical in nature but aimed towards the average consumer. Historically the brand had received numerous queries on how to connect to the service, how to disconnect and what to expect from the payment mechanism.

These common questions needed to be addressed in a lighthearted and educational way.


We worked closely with the team to develop a series of animated shorts that clearly explain how to use the AlwaysOn service. These videos are located on the brand’s YouTube channel and have been used to address consumer complaints on social media, in direct marketing and at the hotspots themselves.

The Result

Customer feedback has been extremely positive. The engaging nature of the content and the strong message has allowed AlwaysOn to neatly unpack some of the complex technical issues their customers were faced with when trying to connect.




Creative, Video


January 29, 2015


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