The Client

What The Brand Needed

Released by Ster-Kinekor, Regression is based on a who did it story line, with the goal of the campaign to engage fans to book to see the movie. A microsite was a perfect solution for establishing an exclusive space for users to interact with the campaign, as it drove them to one specific goal – solve the crime.



Our research showed that when hosting a single goal campaign on your main site, it can get lost amongst the features, products, services, etc. that you are already sharing with your audiences. Having a separate, smaller site allows brands to let their creative flag fly, creating a more focused pathway to the campaign’s specific call to action.

Staying true to the movie theme, we constructed a microsite game which involved an intricate police case, leading fans on a digital chase to determine who the guilty party was. To ensure that the game was authentic and replicated an American style investigation, extensive research was done into how actual American police studies were presented. The result was microsite design built around case files, voice clips, suspect dossiers, etc.

The site trapped users in the experience of being a detective, attempting to solve the case one step at a time. The microsite was rich with content and engagement opportunities, enabling users to play with the different features, prolonging the average time on site by 29%. Clear call-to-action allowed users to get lost in the game and feel as if they were instrumental in solving the scenario.

The Results

What Happened

The purpose of the site was to not only get users to engage with the game but to also entice them to convert by booking to go see the movie, with the goal of generating 5,000 click-throughs to Ster-Kinekor’s website to facilitate movie bookings.

We had an overwhelming response to the game with 8,125 visits to the microsite, which in turn generated 23,829 click-throughs to the Ster-Kinekor site. Total reach of the campaign was 2,205,730 people within 19 days. When compared to other competitions run by Ster-Kinekor with a similar budget, Regression out-performed them by over 300%.

When compared to other competitions run by
Ster-Kinekor with a similar budget, Regression
out-performed them by over 300%

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