The Client

What The Brand Needed

Universal Channel is NBCUniversal International’s flagship general entertainment channel, home of world-class, high-quality, character-driven entertainment. The channel has a broad appeal and strives to establish an emotional connection with its viewers (all adults) through memorable, multi-layered unique personalities that are at the heart of great storytelling and compelling entertainment.

For the launch of the second season of The Librarians, it wasn’t enough to simply draw attention to the return of a beloved series. With the series reigniting a love of reading amongst fans, we wanted to help client make a tangible difference to local communities and include fans in creating a CSI portion for the launch.



The success of the campaign relied heavily on an integrated approach, incorporating paid media space, a structured social media element that encompassed various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), and traditional PR elements such a media desk drop, a CSI initiative linked to the series theme, and development of a microsite.

The campaign was created to both highlight the series return and create an opportunity to give back to local communities in a fun and interactive way. Through visually appealing artwork and written content, fans were alerted to the book drive through a partnership with Universal Channel and Books2Africa.

Through influencer marketing, we identified and delivered classic novels but with a twist. Each book had a personalised Librarians book sleeve with the first episode synopsis on the blurb. Inside the book was a tailored Librarians themed return sheet with the influencers names written on it with the ‘Overdue’ stamp printed across the wording, which was followed by a press release, printed out on the same colour and textured paper as the actual book’s page.

In the release was a call-to-action to join the donate phase of the campaign, which coincided with the premiere of the first episode. In addition, a press release detailing the above events was sent out strategically to long and short lead press. It was during this phase that the radio spots turned the attention to the donate phase.

Through visually appealing creative artwork, written content, and an interactive microsite, audiences were invited to be part of the book drive to celebrate the return of season two. A call was put out to motivate fans to donate as much as they could in the time provided which created excitement and competitiveness amongst community members.

Following a series of countdown images to the second season premiere and the correlating donate window, fans were encouraged to enter a Librarians themed microsite, which opened into a 3D library scene from the series. With help from a little magic, the books in the room flew around wildly. It was the user’s job as the librarian to capture as many books in ten seconds. Once the time was up, a congratulatory message appeared stating the number of books caught and subsequently donated.

The Results

What Happened

By creating a microsite which encouraged fans to play a mini game and donate books resulted in the target of raising funds to donate 100,000 books to Books2Africa being achieved within 12 hours (half the time allocated). PR activities resulted in a ROI of 21:1.

In November 2015, Books2Africa received £12,000 from Universal Channel Africa to fund the shipment of the books. Six containers of donated textbooks were packed and a total of 120,000 books shipped. To date over 40,000 books have already been given to approved Nigerian schools. As more projects are verified, the remaining 80,000 books will be distributed.

Six containers of donated textbooks were packed and
a total of 120,000 books shipped.

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