Video saved the marketing star

2015 is predicted to be the year of video marketing. It’s not a new concept by any means, but it’s something that hasn’t yet been fully explored by businesses. However, it’s important that you understand what makes a good video – unless you want yours to become the equivalent of a cheesy commercial.

Keep it short

Many businesses make the mistake of believing longer videos are better – they aren’t. If it isn’t a music video, TV show or film, chances are the audience doesn’t want to sit through five minutes of video. Look at producing shorter videos with punchier and more captivating messages.

Stick to one topic

A good composition consists of a few related items that tell a story and entice. The same applies to video marketing. If you treat it like a hoarder’s closet and stuff it with as much as possible, it will turn into a nightmare production akin to 2004’s Catwoman.

Make it entertaining

Would you want to watch a video about paint drying? Absolutely not. So, don’t bore your viewers with something that has the excitement factor of a Norwegian mushroom. Regardless of your speciality, a video can (and should) be entertaining.

Ensure that it looks and sounds good

There’s a reason why Hollywood productions cost more than most countries’ annual GDPs. It takes money to create a good recording. While a business’ video is unlikely to need Jurassic Park-level animatronics or Avatar-inspired CGI, you still need to consider costs for professional voiceover artists, backing tracks and animations.

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