Wealth Migrate_#LikeAMillionaire

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Wealth Migrate is a leading global online investment marketplace that offers investors access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities in premier markets around the world, without the hassle.

The #LikeAMillionaire campaign aimed to build a database for Wealth Migrate, consisting of people willing to engage and invest with them. By sharing their details, the target market also simultaneously entered
a competition to win a R2.5M apartment in the new Zero-2-One building
in Cape Town.



Through the campaign, Wealth Migrate set out to challenge conventional wisdom, by making international real estate investment accessible to anyone. The promise of high returns formerly reserved for the super wealthy was a huge draw card for young investors, who now for the first time can invest #LikeAMillionaire.

We wanted to show that with Wealth Migrate, anyone can invest in international real estate. It’s all online and takes just minutes for you to invest in exclusive properties worldwide.

In support of this, we created lifestyle focused posts which resonated with the hashtag. Key messages were around investment, living the life you’ve always dreamed of, and how to achieve financial freedom, all with the assistance of Wealth Migrate, using a tongue in cheek tone to poke fun
at stereotypical ideas that people associate with the ultra rich.

While the concept had a slow referral take off, with the help of the fun
and entertaining content and design, the campaign quickly grew.

The Results

What Happened

Not only did we exceed the entries and engagement objectives set out for us, the campaign was highly successful in sharing the message that Wealth Migrate is here, and that they want to work together to create wealth in and out of South Africa.

Some of the key results:

  • Engagement rate achieved: 2.7%
  • Social reach achieved: 1,452,064 (145.20% above target)
  • Social interactions achieved: 38,712 (154.84% above target)
  • 3,057 sign ups achieved (152.85% above target)
  • Conversation rate: 8.3%

Website views achieved:
94,738 (189.47% above target)

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